Day Centre Manager

Tamsin is the Day Centre Manager and is always available to listen, help and assist anyone.  If you wish to contact her, ring 01736 755000 or email her on

Other Carers

There are other full time staff who help Tamsin at the Day Centre.  These carers will help with bathing and activities as well as any other work that has to be done. The minibuses which collect people form the surrounding area are driven by fully qualified people and always have a member of staff accompanying them to help with access to the minibus.


Inga and Farrah are the chefs at the Day Centre and the meals they produce are second to none!  The Christmas Dinner was all prepared and cooked on site in the Day Centre kitchen so any sort of meal can be catered for.


There are various volunteers who help at the Day Centre – people who help at lunch time, run the various groups, provide entertainment and generally are just around to make sure that everyone has a good day at the Day Centre.